Monocouche Colour Through External Rendering

Monocouche External Rendering

Wolverhampton 'The Retunda'

The Retunda shown was a major part of the planning acceptance.

The retunda had several different backgrounds, being block, brick, timber studding/ external render board, and backing coat to ensure any deviations in the substrate was eliminated.

The majority of the project was a Parex monocouche render, with 2 external render board sections as well as the retunda.

Works Included:

Base coat works, timber studding, external render board system with EHi top coat to match the monocouche.

Parax Monocouche

Cliftonville 'Picture Frame'

Delivery the care and attention with powder coated trims and several hundred meters of beading we delivered a Parex monocouche render that stands apart from many others as the architect has mixed many different materials to deliver an exceptional looking building.

Traditional Sand & Cement Renders

Bespoke Refurbishment

Smooth Render - Cold Ashby

Before and After pictures of the Smooth Render to Bespoke Refurbishment Cold Ashby.

Bespoke Refurbishment

Smooth Render - Great Doddington

A fine example of our in house plasterers delivering the high standards which Prestige always demand. A smooth sand and cement render, painted by the client.

Acrylic Renders

Retail Units

Riverside Retail Units 'Made to order'

The client required a exact colour, which had to be made by the Parex laboratories in France.

The system its self was a Parex Base coat system with a Merlin Grey sand course acrylic finish.

With the acrylic top coats, any required colour can be achieved to match a Ral paint reference.



Transforming an old outbuilding into a utility room, the insulation of the building needed to be improved, therefore we installed the External insulation boards, with a fully meshed base coat, finished with a 1.5mm sand course acrylic finish.